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Work for a Norwegian software company in Tricity!

Are you a software engineer - and attracted by the Scandinavian work style? Here is your chance to enjoy it - in Gdansk!


For the second year, 12 Norwegian software companies organize "The Norwegian IT Night Tricity".  This is your chance to meet exciting companies all looking for smart programmers to join them. 

We can promise a fun night, with an entertaining and humorous presentation of the Norwegian work style,  mini-seminars from all the companies and of course snacks, drinks and lot of social mingling.

Do not miss this unique chance to meet ten of the coolest Scandinavian companies in the Tricity area - all looking for software engineers like yourself!

And learn to crack the Norwegian culture from a Canadian rocket scientist!

All you need to know

The Norwegian IT Night will be held at Sheraton Sopot Hotel. 

The event is only for software engineers and UX designers.  Others will not be given tickets. You need to register ahead to participate.

Last year more than 400 software engineers attended - and we had a waiting list. Therefore: Be quick to register!

Get on the waiting list!

12 Norwegian software companies in Tricity

Norwegian IT Fair: 12 mini-seminars

Cherry-pick among 15-minute long mini-seminars. 

Modernizing a classic .NET stack at RiksTV

Trond Hindenes, devops architect at RiksTV

  • A walkthrough of how RiksTV is modernizing its tech stack to meet increasing demand for scalability, automation and good instrumentation. 

My awesome journey with Open Source

Adam Sitnik, senior software engineer at Powel

  • A world-class optimization expert, Adam Sitnik will discuss  why it is worthwhile to work on Open Source projects. 

Digital banking: Bringing the customers closer to banks and asset finance companies

Michael Suchacz, tech lead at Banqsoft

  • To our customers, self-service, automation and time-to-market are everything. Here is a digital banking journey  with the latest from our world

Start-up in a corporation -

Maciej Kosiedowski, software engineer in Schibsted Tech Polska

  • Digital product development from scratch - with the right team in the right environment. Technologies: PHP, iOS,  React, AWS

Smarter Use of Data - Machine learning in DNV GL

Kamil Czarnogórski and Marcin Zadroga from DNV GL

  • Improving 150 year old services with Machine Learning - DNV GL is making smarter use of its industry data. A journey through business problems, language understanding techniques and others.

IOT Goats, Event Sourcing & CQRS, Industrial Machine Learning

Vebjørn Heggdal,  CEO at Axbit

  • *IOT Digital Fencing of Goats *Richer track and trace with Event Sourcing and CQRS in Oil and Gas 

Moving HR into the cloud

Tech lead Petter Ekrann og site manager Marcin Mirecki from Simployer

  • Companies all over Europe are striving to digitalize their HR processes to free up time for leaders and employees to do what they do best: to produce business value. 

Things developers should know about SQL Server

Wojciech Slupski, software engineer from SPN Tech

  • * Why should a modern developer worry about SQL?  * Common mistakes that should raise a 'red flag'  * What to do when your data operations run slow

[code_smarter => test_less]  : functional guide to reasonable development

Wojciech Pituła , Senior IT Developer in Nordea

  • Have you wondered what it really means to understand the given piece of code?Let’s have a closer look at the practices that allow to safely reason about the code, hopefully without reading it  :) 

The future of e-commerce

Katarzyna Jastrzębska-Łachacz from 24eStore

  • The challenges and opportunities when building a new commerce platform from scratch. She will also talk about the product vision.

Bootstrapping frontend in a startup

Paulo Fernando Pereira from SocialCee

  • How to choose the right selection of tools and frameworks to build a modern, maintainable frontend stack.

Intelligent Ship Operations

Alistair Brown, partner and BI solutions architect at Firstpoint

  • Applying machine learning algorithms on operational ship data - is this the future of shipping?

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Julien S. Bourelle
Rocket scientist

Cracking the Norwegian code

By education he is a rocket scientist. But Canadian Julien S. Bourelle is also the author of "The Social Guidebook to Norway" and one of the best-know international speakers about Scandinavian culture. 

At Norwegian IT NIght Tricity he will give you an entertaining introduction to the Norwegian culture - and all the tricks you need to understand Norwegians if you are to work with them as a software engineer.

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Meet all these Norwegian software companies:

Schibsted Tech Polska

Programming hub for Scandinavian companies.


Safeguarding life, property and the environment


Software for the energy sector


Building world class banking platforms


Bringing brands closer to people


Creating tomorrow’s TV experience


Software for banks and financial services

SPN Tech

Software for credit management


Platform for ecommerce sites


HR and employer solutions


Provides customized software solutions


Delivers strategic IT solutions